My Poetry

This is some of my original poetry

Thoughts of you



A cold breeze runs through my mind


Thoughts of you I tried to leave behind


Haunt me like a ghost in a cemetery


They are to heavy for me to carry



Lay like frost on a cold winter morn


Thoughts of you pierce me like a thorn


The pain that I bleed will never go away


My broken heart must pay and pay



Like a burst pipe on cold winter days


Thoughts of you flood my dreams always


Just a lost ship that sunk in cold water


That never made it safely to its harbor




Under my skin is where my pain resides


A broken heart killed by unspoken lies


Under my smile are waves of emotions


My mood changes like tides in the oceans


Under my eyes are no more flowing tears


They have been cried out over the years


Under my skull there is a brain of insanity


Made that way by the memories you left me


Under the dirt is were I will soon be found


Protected by the comfort of cold hard ground