About Me

I was thrown into this world and into a family that did not know how to show love. Growing up I always felt like I was an Alien from another planet in another galaxy. In school I was bullied and mocked for looking different and acting different. For being different. 

I started writing poetry when I was 14 years old but never let anyone know or read anything I wrote. It wasn't until after my Mom passed away from cancer that I put my writings out for others to read. I have published a few books even though I knew I would be judged by my writings but I really did not care anymore. 

One of my biggest regrets is I never let my Mom know of or read my writings. After my Dad passed away from cancer I moved from Mississippi to El Paso Texas.

I just started my podcast recently in the hope I could reach others who feel like I do, lonely and depressed. If you do feel like me, like you are from another Galaxy please feel free to email me.  transmissionsfromanothergalaxy@gmail.com