Sometimes I feel like an Alien from another Galaxy. For those out there that feel the same way you are not alone and this site and podcast is for you.

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Inside The Outsider


When we all are together

No one notice or talks to me

Until something is to be done

Then it is my name that they call

I try my best to understand

Why no one notices me

Until it is time for something to be done

Then everyone can suddenly see me

I sometimes feel I have no brothers

They only talk to me when something is to be done

The rest of my family is the same way

When something needs to be done then they talk to me

I hold my tongue out of respect for all

But I do not know how much longer I can

It pushes me down to where I do not want to be

I just feel like disappearing from everyone

Why does it seem like everything falls on me

Don’t they know they also have responsibility?


I am not an only child

Though sometimes I feel like an orphan of a widower


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